It’s not entirely accurate to say that this is how things are

July 15, 2009

so one time i was sitting there at work

and all my work was seemingly done, I was at a loss for things to do

like all those of my generation i turned to the internet for solace

so i went to a news aggregator and i started to read the comment threads

one of the comment threads asked the question, “how do you change your personality?”

have you ever successfully changed your personality, asked the person. what did you have to do

this is my question, this is a topic i like to deal with. my personality changes all the time anyway. i would like it to be at my unflagging intention.

so one person says, “i started every morning going to work out at the gym. and every morning i say, ‘hello lads,’ to the determined and focused lads at the gym. and they say, ‘hello there.’ and now i am a determined and focused lad.”

another person says in kind, “oh absolutely. do something in the morning that sets the tone for the rest of the day, like this gentleman has with his working out at the gym with the lads. set the tone for the rest of the day with your activity in the morning and you will surely change your personality.”

yet another person responds with a link to an article and I follow it. it has a story from a professional software developer. he said (and now I speak as him) i once was doing stand up comedy back when seinfeld was just starting up on the television. and one day jerry seinfeld was at the very club that i was at. well right before he was going to go on i managed to get up to him and i asked him a question. ‘jerry, what advice do you have for a comedian who is just getting his start?’

jerry seinfeld said that to succeed as a comedian you have to have funny jokes. he said that to have funny jokes you have to write well, and to write well you have to write every day. so what you do is you take a full wall calendar and put it up on the wall. you go and write jokes, and mark a big red x on that day. and then you write the next day, and put a big red x there, too. every day you write, you get an x.

‘and you just keep the chain going.’

wow what an idea that seemed like to me. as a musician.

so that is how things happen. it’s not so far away from real work that you can find deep musings on alternative and impractical career paths.

well this morning i could not run, for i had foolishly injured my foot. so i meditated for 8 whole minutes. i was depressed all day

the gentleman who related the story was not a comedian at the time of its relation, though, he was a software developer.

and so am i.


I’ve got a new blog guys

July 15, 2009

Well you know livejournal isn’t cool anymore and you don’t get a free RSS feed, and since that other blog I started during the 2004 campaign season was nothing more than a single incoherent rant on unity designed to fit into a multifront promotional campaign centered on prominent internet journalists to promote the theme of national unity that I can’t really credibly start up again, I’ve started a new blog.

And this is where I’ll post things.